Hello! Thank you for visiting usefularts.co, it’s really great to see you here! I can’t wait to take you with me on a journey of creative exploration. This is the Journal, where I will share the way I see design and life, and all things in between.

A little about me personally—I live and work in California, USA, and I’ve been here since 2004. I’ve spent my childhood in Belarus, a small country sandwiched between Russia, Ukraine and Poland. My parents decided to move me and my two siblings across the globe to find new roads and opportunities for us. Forwarding to present time, I’m now married to the most incredible human being on earth, my husband Bogdan, and we are expecting our first precious baby.

As I’ve already mentioned in my short bio, I have a traditional 4-year degree in graphic design, and I believe it gave me a great start and foundation for the artistic adventure I’m on right now. Having had a very varied experience in “the real world” of designing in-house for companies/institutions including UC Davis, Makeup Geek and Finance of America Mortgage, I am now starting to build my own understanding of what visual communication is and will continue exploring and refining this vision through my work with Useful Arts. I can’t wait to try new mediums of image-making and will be sharing all of my ups and downs in this Journal.

I hope you hang around and find something that’s valuable for you!


Stay creative,