To bedeck is to adorn, furnish, or grace. BEDECKD is a design created for a luxury home goods brand. BEDECKD was inspired by the emperors and empresses of the east, specifically those of the Byzantine empire, who adorned themselves with fine clothes and jewels. BEDECKD strives to capture the excessive luxury and grandiose of those times by creating a relevant brand identity, unique home goods, and highest quality packaging.


The logo was derived from a jewel found from those times. Being an orthodox nation, the Byzantine empire frequently used the motif of the cross in their art and jewelry. 



The initial collection of products for BEDECKD, titled Byzantine, consists of three pieces that abide in the three main areas of the house: the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.


Tetrarchy, a four paneled, touch-operated, LED accent table lamp shows off the richness of the Byzantine empire by utilizing the golden color so prevalent in the art of that time. 


True Glory, the name of the second product in the collection, was derived from the literal translation of the word “orthodox.” This tissue cover box features a bold pattern that was inspired by the mystery of the antiquity.


The last product in the collection is an exquisite tea towel that serves both a functional necessity and provides an aesthetic accent to the kitchen and dining areas. Named Second Rome, it references the heritage of the Byzantine empire and the origin of it’s wealth and culture.



To complete the customer experience and add to the overall feeling of excellency and thorough luxury, I decided to use wood boxes to package these products. Not only do they add to the sense of the products being exceptionally precious, but they also provide another enjoyable step in the interaction of a customer with the product.