as sun rises


"Sun is the beginning, life, warmth. As the sun rises, so does the world start, the day begins anew." This is an event campaign for a show of Native American masks of the northwest coast and Alaska. It consists of a logo, and two illustration-based pieces: poster and postcard. 

The project began with an in-depth study of the northwest Native American tribes and the unique characteristics of their masks and culture. The goal was to be inspired by imagery that not only spoke very specifically about the Native Americans located in that part of the United States, but also to avoid any cultural confusion or accidental stereotyping. 

The logo is based on three elements frequently used in the masks created by northwest Native Americans: Raven and Sun, Killer Whale, and Killer What and Sun. The elements come together to symbolize the ideas frequently portrayed through these motifs: freedom, power and life.

The illustrations for the poster and the postcard are also based on one of the way the sun is portrayed in these masks. The imagery was colored and cropped in a way that would create a cohesive campaign look within the overall brand identity.